Boat Lift Installation in Orlando FL

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Boat Lift Installation in Orlando Florida

Whether you’ve own a marina or a private dock, there are a few things you should know about getting a boat lift installed in Orlando, Florida. A boat lift will not only protect your boat from wear and tear, but also let you store it safely, especially during rough water. Boat lifts are available in many styles, from freestanding to floating and suspended. If maintained properly, they can last up several decades with little maintenance.

Sunstream Boat Lifts

FloatLift, a unique boat lift that utilizes remote control technology, will elevate your personal watercraft in minutes for easy maintenance. SwiftShield, a Sunstream hydraulic boat cover, is another great option for protecting your watercraft. Designed with the utmost reliability, this boat lift is safe and easy to use and is available in different sizes and styles to fit your boat and dock.

Sunstream Boat Lifts are highly recommended, especially their hydraulic boat lift for use in Orlando, FL. Orlando Boat Docks & Lifts offers boat lifts that are perfect for all types of watercraft, regardless of the shoreline condition. We’ve been installing boat lifts for years and are renowned for our quality, reliability, and customer service.

Golden Elevator Lifts

If you want to get your boat up off the ground and into the air without the need for pilings, golden elevator lifts are the perfect solution. Available in three different capacities, from 3 to 40 tons, these boat lifts can be customized to meet your specific needs. Other features of these boat lifts include carpeted bunk boards, heavy-duty wheels, and extensive stainless steel construction. This is also known for its sleek look and easier maintenance.

Golden Boat Lifts are available with multiple lifting options and ironclad manufacturer’s warranties. A 25-year lift structure warranty covers the metal parts and aluminum bearings, and a $1 million product liability insurance coverage provides peace of mind. Our company offers elevator boat lifts, four-post boat lifts, and eight-post boat lifts, and our professional contractors in Orlando, FL can help you select and install the one that meets your needs.

Golden Sea Drive

Golden’s Exclusive SEA-DRIVE system sets the company’s boat lifts apart from the competition. This enclosed gear design integrates the gearbox directly onto the drive shaft, which results in a consistent 8,000-inch-pounds of torque, more than twice as much lifting power as the competition. This allows you to raise your boat more quickly and easily than you could with a standard lift. Golden’s exclusive drive system in Orlando, FL also features a patented seal design to reduce friction and maximize performance.

The manufacturer’s warranty covers the lift’s structure for up to 25 years and aluminum bearings for 15 years. Golden also offers $1,000,000 in product liability coverage. Golden boat lifts are economical and are designed to lift boats weighing from 5,000 pounds to 28,000 pounds. Higher lifting capacity sizes are available upon request. Golden’s 4-post Boat Lifts are available with a recommended Golden Sea Drive gearbox or the more affordable Flat Plate drive.

Golden Elevator

When looking for boat lift installation, consider the quality of a Golden Elevator boat lift. This type of boat lift in Orlando, FL does not require pilings and is available in a wide range of capacities ranging from three to forty tons. The degree of incline is determined by individual installation conditions. Features of golden elevator boat lifts include carpeted bunk boards, heavy-duty wheels, and extensive stainless steel construction. Cables are wound on oversized grooves and oversized cable winders provide for longer cable life.

Golden lifts in Orlando, FL are built to last a lifetime and are extremely durable. They feature welded construction, which means that they won’t bend or break, making them a favorite choice of law enforcement and other boat owners alike. Golden Boat Lifts come in four-post, eight-post, and elevator styles. You can choose from a four-post model with a single motor, a 7,000-inch model, or a ten-thousand-pound capacity.

Golden Hi-Tide Lifts

The quality of golden boat lifts is backed by an ironclad manufacturer’s warranty. Lift structures are covered for a maximum of 25 years. Aluminum bearings are covered for a minimum of 15 years. Golden boat lifts are also covered by $1 million in product liability insurance. Boat lifts from golden come in four-post, elevator, and eight-post styles. You can work with our expert contractors in Orlando, FL to choose the right model for your needs.

The reliability of boat lifts is one of the most important concerns for owners. Hi-Tide Boat Lifts are built using corrosion-resistant aluminum for longevity and strength. Moreover, they are patented and manufactured to withstand corrosive marine environments. A quality boat lift should last 30 to 40 years. For this reason, hiring our certified and reputable boat lift installation service in Orlando, FL is essential. However, the cost of hiring our professional boat lift installation company is worth every penny.

Motorized Lifts

When you want to transport your boat to and from the water without hassle, there are several types of motorized boat lifts in Orlando, FL that you can purchase. ShoreMaster lifts, for instance, are known for their ease of installation and operation. They can be adjusted to fit any boat house or shoreline condition. There are also several different power options available, including add-on solar panels and wired or wireless remotes. These motors will safely and efficiently move your boat, leaving you free to enjoy your vacation and boating.

Considering the number of benefits that you will enjoy from having your boat lifted in Orlando, FL the boat lift installation is well worth the investment. Boats that spend most of their time in water require maintenance and repainting, which reduces their value. Having a lift on your boat will prevent water damage, allowing you to spend less time worrying about maintenance and repair. It will also prevent aquatic life from attaching to the hull, which not only looks bad but is also better hydrodynamically.

If you own a yacht or a sailboat in Orlando, FL, motorized boat lifts are a great way to keep it safe from storms or rough water. They can be used anywhere and provide safe access to the vessel. Motorized boat lifts require electricity, and are usually more expensive than manual ones. They can also provide lighting for the dock at night, which can make it more convenient for boaters. When choosing a motorized lift, you need to make sure that the boat is level. You want the center of gravity of the boat to be in the middle of both lifting beams.

Properly Driving Pilings

In order to get a stable foundation for your boat lift in Orlando, FL, you will need to carefully install pilings. In addition to making sure they are properly anchored, the pilings must be driven into the bottom of the canal. Pilings should be driven into the bottom at least four feet deep. The method used to install pilings varies depending on the type of water, but most contractors use a lightweight hammer to drive them into the bottom.


One of the most important factors to look for in a boat lift installation is its reliability. A boat lift is a highly valuable piece of equipment, so ensuring that each part is fabricated to the highest standard is crucial. This will ensure that the lift will perform as expected for years to come. Moreover, many boat lifts are made from aluminum, which requires parallel tracks to operate correctly. When installed by a professional in Orlando, FL, the boat lift will be highly reliable, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down any time soon.


If you want to avoid the hassle of costly boat lift repairs, you should have your local dock or marina inspected by an experienced dock repair team. They will check the condition of your boat lift and perform routine maintenance. Floating docks get the most abuse, and are known to degrade the fastest. To maintain them properly, you should remove marine growth and conduct visual inspections every year. To ensure the safety of your family and guests, it is important to wear a life jacket when inspecting floating docks. Also, check the rub rail and deck boards to make sure they are secured.

Besides being safer and cleaner, boat lifts keep your watercraft out of the water, reducing corrosion and other problems. Using a boat lift reduces the need to paint the bottom of your boat. Having a high quality boat lift in Orlando, FL can help you avoid these costs by minimizing the time and effort you must spend on preparing your watercraft for use.


The cost of boat lift installation in Orlando, FL varies depending on the type of system you want and how advanced you want it to be. Entry-level lifts are typically less expensive than higher-end systems. Other factors that can affect cost include additional construction. For example, if you want to install a boat lift on your dock, you will need four pilings to dedicate to the installation of the lift. You should also factor in the cost of accessories and remote control units.

Proper installation is crucial to ensure that the boat lift stays safe and clean. Boat lifts come in straps, cradles, and motorized models. The cost depends on the type and size of your watercraft, as well as its location. Water-borne watercraft is susceptible to rust and corrosion, and a boat lift can dramatically reduce your risk of damage. To find out how much your boat lift will cost, contact our company in Orlando, FL which specializes in marine water construction.

The price of a boat lift in Orlando, FL depends on the type and size of your boat and the features that you want to include. A cantilever lift will run you anywhere from $500 to $2000, while a vertical lift can cost anywhere from $1500 to $20,000 or more. A hydraulic lift, on the other hand, can lift boats up to ten thousand pounds.

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