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Floating Dock Installation in Orlando Florida

If you live in deep water, you may want to consider dock installation services. Dock installation is the perfect solution for deep water locations. Docks provide secure access to the water and access to your watercraft. However, if you want a floating dock, you can even get Protection of Waters permit. So if you’re looking for a professional dock installation in Orlando, FL, look no further than Orlando Boat Docks & Lifts.

Trex Decking

If you are planning to install a dock on your boat, consider the benefits of installing Trex decking. Besides the aesthetic benefits, this decking is scratch-proof and mold and mildew resistant. You can even clean it with water and detergent. This decking will last for many years. This means that it is a guaranteed investment. You can also use it to build a boat house, so it is a good idea to find a decking company in Orlando, FL that specializes in dock installation.

We are licensed and insured contractors that have been serving the Orlando community for years. We offer a variety of services for dock installation, including residential and commercial projects. From construction to design and maintenance, we can handle all aspects of your project.


If you’re looking for a professional boat dock installation company in Orlando, FL, consider hiring us. We specialize in the design and construction of docks, boathouses, and other marine structures. Our highly-regarded professionals are fully insured and licensed. They handle everything from commercial projects to residential decks. They also do custom work, including nature trails and pavilions. 

While docks in Orlando, FL are constructed to be resistant to abrasion, they do eventually break down. Sunlight and UV light can cause extensive damage to wood, including decking. The good news is that re-decking your dock can extend its life by a few decades. However, if the dock is ten or more years old, it might be time for a complete replacement. Luckily, re-decking is a relatively inexpensive solution for this problem.

Floating Docks

The process of building a dock can be as complex as building a house. When you buy waterfront property, the first thought is to spend your vacations on a boat. But while it may be simple to sink some pilings in the water, adding a boat dock can be a more complicated project. There are a number of regulations and rules surrounding boat dock construction in Orlando, FL. 

The Connect-A-Dock allows you to build a modular dock that adapts to changing water levels. The docking system’s float chambers trap air on the water surface, which provides buoyancy. Its modular design allows it to be configured into any length or width. It can also accommodate different-sized boats. With Connect-A-Dock, you can design the dock for your specific needs.

Serco Mechanical Dock Levelers

When it comes to loading dock safety and efficiency, Serco loading dock levelers in Orlando, FL are the perfect answer. With features like patented Posi-Trac hold-down and Hydra-Cam lip control, these dock levelers are designed to keep your dock floor level and your trucks from tipping over. The W-Series is built to last, and the 50,000-psi steel deck eliminates pinch points while eliminating vibrations and noise. These dock levelers are also guaranteed to increase dock safety by eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

When it comes to durability, Serco Mechanical Dock Levelers are the industry standard. Their air-powered and gas-powered counterparts provide optimum operational efficiency and low maintenance. And their dock lifts can safely lift virtually any material, including oversized freight. These dock levelers in Orlando, FL are available in a variety of sizes and weight capacities to accommodate the needs of any business. No matter your size and budget, Serco can help you achieve your business goals with the right loading dock system.

Why Floating Docks Are Ideal For Deep Water?

If you plan on putting up a floating dock, make sure you understand the depth of water first. You can use concrete blocks as a float. These can then be tied to a dock with a chain. Once they are in the water, they can be adjusted to different levels or lengths. You can also choose between a single floating dock and a two-tiered dock. Floating docks in Orlando, FL are often paired with additional accessories, including EZ Launch Residentials, swimming platforms, boat ports, and guardrails. You can also choose to purchase wheels for easy transport. The docks can also be anchored for added stability, which is an especially good choice in deep water. Floating docks are ideal for deep water because they are stable and allow for constant freeboard. This also minimizes their environmental impact.

On the other hand, floating docks are also popular in shallow waters. Unlike their conventional counterparts, floating docks can be installed on most types of floating docks. To use the BoatPort lift in Orlando, FL, you need a pier or walkway finger extending down the side of your boat. For power, you can plug in a small portable generator or a 24V battery. If you don’t have a 115-volt outlet nearby, you can also install the boat port lift on a stationary dock. If you live near a lake with rocky shores, consider floating docks for this type of water. Floating docks have the added benefit of being able to adjust their height according to the water level. Floating docks are also an excellent option for those who live in areas with a great number of fluctuations in water levels. However, you should know that a floating dock is not for everyone. Therefore, you should consider the characteristics of your lake before deciding which dock is best for you.

– Wooden Docks & Aluminum Docks

Wooden docks are more economical than those made from aluminum. They don’t rot and are less expensive than their steel counterparts. Aluminum docks can be installed in shallow water, but they require more maintenance and are difficult to move. These docks are only suitable for calm water and don’t work well in turbulent water. So, if you live in a place where the water is not as calm, you can choose aluminum or composite docks.

– They Provide Access To The Water

A dock is a platform-type structure that extends over a body of water. These structures provide access to boats moored in that water body. Public docks are built on public lands, such as city, county, or state property, where access to the water is a public use. There are a number of benefits to having a dock installed on your property in Orlando, FL. A dock must be securely anchored and cannot obstruct a river’s flow. If the dock becomes a floating hazard, the riparian owner is responsible for removing it. In some cases, a department representative will physically inspect a dock to determine if it is compliant with the rules and regulations. While it is unlikely that a state government will allow docks to float, there are a number of other important guidelines to consider.

– They Provide Security For Your Watercraft

Whether you use your watercraft for fishing, cruising, or just to relax, a dock installation is a great way to get access to the water. Additionally, a dock adds an extra level of security to your watercraft, and it can also increase the value of your property. Our dock installation services in Orlando, FL can also install a covered storage area, which can increase the efficiency of your waterfront dock. Not only that, but we can also help you determine which type of dock would work best for your watercraft.

– They Require a Protection Of Waters Permit

If you are planning to build or reconstruct your dock, you must get a Protection of Waters (POW) permit before proceeding. In addition to dock construction in Orlando, FL, the permit is required for installing moorings, creating docking facilities, and creating new mooring areas on State-owned lands. For this reason, you can contact our professional who can help you obtain the appropriate permit. Listed below are some important steps to take before obtaining a POW permit:

Permit For Temporary Use

In Orlando, FL, a permit is required for permanent docks. For seasonal docks, you may need a permit for temporary use only. While many docks do not require a permit, seasonal ones may interfere with others’ use of the water. “Unreasonable” can be interpreted differently depending on the circumstances and the location of the dock. In short, dock installation services in Orlando, FL should have a permit that is valid for the location of your dock.

Individual Permit & PGP0083 Permit

The process for PGP0083 Permit is similar to that for Individual Permit (IP) process. However, you need to meet all criteria for PGP0083 permitting. If your dock does not meet these criteria, you must apply for an Individual Permit (IP) process. Once you’ve secured the permit, it will be easier for you to build your dock. A protected waters permit is an important part of building or renovating a dock.

Protection of Waters Permit

In addition to dock installation, you may need to apply for a Protection of Waters permit before modifying the waterfront area. There are many different types of POW permits. Depending on the type of dock, the work can range from installing a boat lift to constructing an entire dock. If the work involves major changes in the water, you’ll need a POW permit. If you don’t get one, you may need a Major Permit for construction or repair.

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