Residential Dock Construction & Repair in Orlando FL

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Residential Dock Construction and Repair in Orlando Florida

Before starting any dock construction project in your Orlando residential property, you must have a plan. Decide if you’re going to use wood or composite materials. Whatever material you choose, the size and structural design will remain the same. If you’re going to use wood, have a plan drawn out on paper. Some parts of your dock may be submerged. Know the climate and soil conditions in your area, since this will affect the design. You may want to consider floating platforms for additional safety. While for contractor selection, the process of dock construction may be time-consuming and tedious, it doesn’t have to be. Selecting a residential dock contractor in Orlando, FL should be an enjoyable process. This is especially true if you work with Orlando Boat Docks & Lifts.


A number of homeowners in Orlando, FL are now asking about dock permits. Thankfully, the process is not as difficult as it may seem. To begin, you must submit an application for a permit. A permit must be obtained from the Orlando Water and Navigation Unit. The DEEP reviews all applications and issues a letter confirming the status of the permit. It also reviews the dock design, and whether it will shade coastal resources or encroach into public trust lands. Additionally, the residential dock must provide reasonable access to the water, and must be installed in a way that does not compromise the integrity of the waterfront.

The state regulations for building a residential dock vary. The DEEP also issues permit fees. These fees vary from state to state, but in general, they range from $50 to $1500. A quick search online can give you a good idea of which regulations are applicable in Orlando, FL.

For most residential docks in Orlando, FL, a permit is required before construction can begin. While many cities do not require permits for residential dock construction and repair, there are certain requirements. Coastal Zone Management require the use of a permit for a dock. The size of the dock can be as large as a football field. Moreover, a permit is required if you intend to use the dock to dock pleasure vessels. There are also other considerations.

Climate Of The Area

One of the first questions you should ask yourself is, “What climate is appropriate for residential dock construction in Orlando, FL?” The answer will depend on the type of dock you plan on building. Some regions are more suitable for dock construction than others. For example, if you are planning on building a dock next to a lake, it’s important to know the amount of water in the area. Others may prefer a dry climate.

Once you have a general idea of the climate of the area, you can start to narrow down your choices. For example, if you plan on building a dock on a lake or another body of water, look at the local climate. It’s not uncommon to find that coastal areas in Orlando, FL have a different climate than other areas. If this is the case, you can use climate data from the area to help determine the best materials for your residential dock.

Once you have determined the climate of the area, you can start to plan your construction. There are numerous guidelines for residential dock construction and repair in Orlando, FL, and the right permits can make all the difference. However, your plans will only be successful if you are aware of the regulations and guidelines in Orlando, FL. As you research your options, don’t forget to check with your local environmental office to determine whether you can build wetlands in the area.

Floating Platforms

Floating platforms are used for a number of purposes. They can be permanent or temporary and can feature any number of amenities. Unlike permanent docks, floating platforms are not embedded in the water bed. They remain buoyant in the water, and their construction makes them easily maintained. Floating platforms in Orlando, FL are constructed from airtight drums and encapsulated foam. In some cases, they can include a store and even swimming pools. They can also serve as the foundation for a floating golf course.

Floating platforms can be constructed from a variety of materials, depending on your skill and ability. Most residential platforms are temporary and made from plastic materials. When choosing materials for your platform, keep in mind that they should match the size of your dock’s mainframe. In addition, your construction site in Orlando, FL should be situated as close to the water as possible. This way, you can make sure the floating platform is stable and will not sink.

Concrete floating platforms have several advantages. They can be made in any shape, with any freeboard, and support almost any building material. Many public marinas and some private marinas have removed security gates, opening up public waterfront experiences. They also have promenades and other community features, making them more accessible and inviting to the public. Even if you’re not a boat owner in Orlando, FL, floating platforms can still be an excellent option for residential dock construction.

Crib Foundations

A crib foundation is the only practical choice in certain situations. If the water level of the lake or lakebed is too high, the dock’s piers may have to be raised above it. However, crib foundations in Orlando, FL are much cheaper than other foundations, and they can be engineered for boat traffic and sloped lakebeds. In addition, they are not as prone to damage as concrete or wooden docks.

A crib foundation is a great option for docks near the shoreline, where a more stable, long-lasting structure is necessary. It’s a more permanent choice than a traditional piling foundation, which can disrupt water flow or other wildlife in Orlando, FL. It also tends to be more expensive than a crib foundation, but it’s worth it if you’re willing to spend a bit more on a long-lasting dock.

When you build a crib dock, you have several options. You can choose between piling foundations, crib foundations, floating docks, and more. There’s no doubt that crib foundations will save you money in the long run as they require less maintenance. However, you’ll need to consider your budget and the amount of water you plan to dock. If you can afford it, a crib dock in Orlando, FL is a great choice, because it will be easier to maintain and require less maintenance.

Suspension Dock Support System

There are several types of residential docks in Orlando, FL, but a common misconception is that these structures cannot be built on sand. A suspension dock is a type of residential dock that is suspended from a nearby piece of land by a series of cables. Unlike floating docks, which can be removed during adverse weather conditions, a suspension dock must endure the water swells and winds without being dragged. Wood and aluminum docks may also need to be replaced, which can increase the cost of replacement.

Wood is an excellent choice for residential dock construction and repair in Orlando, FL. It is renewable and produces less pollution than other types of materials. Pressure-treated wood, on the other hand, can potentially contaminate water. Pressure-treated lumber must meet EPA Retention Rate Standards for freshwater and saltwater, respectively. Depending on your requirements, you may choose to use fiberglass posts instead of wood. And finally, make sure that your piling caps are properly protected against rotting organisms.

While crib docks are generally cheaper, they have several disadvantages. For one, they are prone to settling into the landscape, which can disturb the natural flow of water along the shoreline. And in addition to being more expensive, they are also time-consuming to install. In addition, they also have a significantly lower environmental impact than crib docks. Unlike crib docks, however, they are more environmentally friendly, which is ideal if your home in Orlando, FL is in the area of a sensitive ecosystem.

Seawall & Dock Builders

If you are planning on building a new dock or repairing an existing one, you’ve probably considered hiring a professional. Whether you’re looking for a professional contractor to handle residential dock construction and repair in Orlando, FL, or you’d like to add a new dock to your lakefront property, Orlando Boat Docks & Lifts is the company to turn to. With our years of experience in marine construction, our company knows how to construct a beautiful, functional dock or seawall.

Whether you need a new waterfront dock constructed or a repair job for an old one, you can count on us for residential dock construction and repairs in Orlando, FL. A well-built seawall protects your property from shoreline erosion and water damage. When done correctly, concrete seawall repairs are quick and easy. Chips and cracks in the concrete are easily repaired. Our professionals will ensure that you get your seawall back up and running in no time.

While there are many benefits of living by the water, it does come with its own risks. Hurricanes, storms, and steadily rising sea levels are all potential threats to your waterfront property. Luckily, there are ways to protect yourself and your property from these hazards by investing in high-quality dock solutions and seawall construction. If you’re looking for residential dock construction and repair in Orlando, FL, you’ll want to make sure you find a company that specializes in your type of dock. Contact us today!

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