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Dock Repair in Orlando Florida

If you need help with your dock, you’re in luck! Here at Orlando Boat Docks & Lifts, we can perform the repairs that need to be done. Dock repair services in Orlando, FL start with a thorough underwater inspection. We’ll check the posts for structural problems and loose nails. Even so, we will inspect the wood planks and railings, making note of any signs of damage. If replacements are needed, we’ll waterproof them as well, which prevents rot.


When it comes to the safety of your facility, hiring a professional in Orlando, FL for dock repairs is crucial. A poorly maintained dock can cause accidents and even serious injuries. Luckily, our professionals with experience in dock repairs can help prevent accidents and save your company a lot of money in repairs. They can perform maintenance and repairs on the following equipment: dock levelers, dock restraints, light inspections, and lubrication. They can also adjust your warehouse doors and prevent energy loss due to slipping and splinters.

The regular maintenance of your dock equipment will help prolong its lifespan and reduce the need for frequent repairs. This will help ensure that the dock is safe for your cargo and will minimize the chances of on-site accidents. Typically, dock repairs in Orlando, FL should be scheduled twice a year, during the spring and fall. Proper maintenance will also prevent potential hazards, like exposed nails, from damaging your boat or causing an accident. Also, scheduling a dock maintenance visit is an excellent way to prevent any damage to your equipment.

When hiring a dock repair company in Orlando, FL, be sure to ask about their safety policies. In our case, our inspector will check all areas of the dock for any potential dangers and recommend solutions. When our inspector finds a safety issue, he or she can take action before it causes a serious accident. It is important to keep a thorough log of all relevant assets. If the equipment is outdated or not properly maintained, you could be paying thousands of dollars for unproductive downtime.


Unless you’re a skilled DIYer, hiring our dock repair professional in Orlando, FL to fix your dock is probably the best choice. However, there are some things you can do yourself to reduce the cost. Pressure washing and sealing your dock will both help to prevent future problems and will cost you minimally while replacing rusted nails will only take a few minutes and minimal tools.

A rusted dock may cost between $150 and $1000 to fix, depending on the extent of the damage. If any metal sections of your dock are left out in the elements, rust will set in, which will cause structural weaknesses. While rust can easily be removed, some sections will need to be replaced altogether. If you don’t have the money to replace the entire dock, you may be able to save some money by hiring our dock repair specialist in Orlando, FL to fix the damaged parts.

If you’re looking for an affordable dock repair service in Orlando, FL, consider a roll-in dock. These docks are portable and can be rolled into and out of the water. You can also get them rolled out before the winter. Damages to roll-in docks include dents, rot, and splinters. Depending on the damage, you may need to replace the frame. Lift-up docks, on the other hand, will typically cost you between $250 and $1,650.


When it comes to loading docks, regular maintenance is essential. Not only does this help ensure efficiency, but it also makes sure that the dock is as safe as possible. Untreated wear and tear can cause serious accidents. For this reason, local businesses in Orlando, FL should have their docks checked twice a year. The best times to have dock equipment checked are the spring and fall. Moreover, our dock repair professional can ensure that all the necessary parts of your dock are in good working condition.

When loading dock equipment breaks, it can be a huge inconvenience. A company should consider contacting a professional loading dock maintenance service provider in Orlando, FL as soon as possible to prevent a costly breakdown. They can provide immediate repairs to get your operations back on track. Proactive maintenance is better than reactive repairs since they minimize downtime and increase safety. By ensuring the safety of employees, proactive maintenance is the key to a productive and efficient loading dock.

It is important to note that the cost of dock float repairs varies greatly. Repairs may be as simple as patching over damaged sections or welding together the missing parts. Larger repairs and replacements may require permits, so make sure you check the rules of your state before hiring a dock repair company in Orlando, FL. You should also look into the availability of dock repair before listing your home. You will likely need a dock inspection before you can sell your house.

Preventative Maintenance

Aside from reducing the risk of on-site accidents and energy loss, routine preventative maintenance can increase the lifespan of dock and door equipment. Even if a business doesn’t think about scheduled maintenance, the failure of dock equipment can cause a delay in production, customer service, and even vendor service. However, most businesses in Orlando, FL fail to recognize the importance of preventative maintenance and don’t take the necessary steps to improve the equipment.

Preventative maintenance for dock repair services in Orlando, FL consists of scheduled inspections to identify issues before they become major. It can also identify potential safety hazards, preventing accidents and injury claims. These services can also extend the life of your most valuable assets. For that, let us go over how proactive maintenance benefits your business. You should also consider the cost and frequency of maintenance when choosing a preventative maintenance program.

If you manage a commercial or residential waterfront, a regular inspection of your dock is a good idea. Safety is crucial for any waterfront property. It’s important to look for loose connections, listen for noises around your dock, and ensure all parts are working as intended. Proper preventive maintenance can help prevent costly downtime and extend the lifespan of equipment while maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty. Our technicians in Orlando, FL are well-equipped and specialize in completing dock repairs right from the first time.


Regular dock inspections are a key component in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of a dock facility. Without routine maintenance, the deterioration of dock elements can accelerate, causing increased corrosion of steel piling or missing piling that leads to larger spans and added stress on structural members. Inspections can prevent damage and keep your facility safe and operational for years to come. The following are some key areas to focus on when conducting regular inspections of dock facilities in Orlando, FL.

Electrical Systems – Electrical safety is still one of the biggest topics in the headlines and is a topic of major conferences and workshops. Electrical systems at waterfronts often handle large amounts of electricity. A lack of grounded electrical systems can result in a dangerous electric shock. Public lakes and big marinas in Orlando, FL must ensure they have up-to-date electrical systems to prevent electrocution. If your dock has been left without an inspection for a long time, you should consider hiring our professional to look it over.

Weather – Winter is tough on docks. Snow doesn’t drip off the dock as it does during summer, and ice can cling to the dock and stay on top for weeks. This weather can cause extensive damage to your dock. Inspections can detect damage to the decking and make it safe for use again. The decking should be free of rot, cracks, warps, or splintering. The frames should be free of rust, as well.

Professional Dock Repair

Hiring our professional dock repair team is not expensive. Depending on the size of the structure and the materials used is the cost of a single dock repair job. Getting several quotes from different companies in Orlando, FL can help you decide what to spend. Keep in mind that most companies have a minimum project fee, and urgent dock repairs will incur an additional fee. To avoid these costs, routine maintenance of your dock is highly recommended.

Before contacting a professional dock repair service in Orlando, FL, you should first hire a professional inspector. These inspectors are trained to spot potential problems and damage on your dock, which can save you a lot of money in the long run. Furthermore, our professional dock inspector can inspect your dock and note any issues before they become serious. Having your dock inspected annually is a good way to prevent issues before they get out of hand. It is also a good idea to hire a professional dock inspector after a storm to ensure that the structure is in great shape before your next big event.

Even if your dock is in excellent condition, it may require some repairs. A DIY project may make the problem worse. Fortunately, our professional dock repair services in Orlando, FL will be able to identify the problem and provide the appropriate repairs. You can also consult with us as your local dock builders for recommendations. We offer affordable rates and a wide range of dock repair services in Orlando, FL.

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